Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Unexpected Babymoon Vacation - Part 2

* Denmark Diaries *

And we landed Denmark, Copenhagen to be precise, on December 21st, 2016, by evening. By the time we reached our hotel, I was all exhausted! All I could do after reaching there was to take a shower, bathe N, have dinner and take a nap for some time with N, as she was also tired! V didn't want to sit idle and so he went out and had a walk around the beautiful city, and experienced the nightlife there.

Next day I gained my strength and was all ready to explore the place. We took a 'hop on hop off' city tour, because we had just one day to explore the city and we didn't want to waste our time by going here and there on our own without knowing much about the places there! Our decision wasn't wrong at all, we got to visit many beautiful and historically important places.

Here are a few snapshots of our trip to Copenhagen, Denmark:



As I mentioned earlier, it was a one-day trip and we took our flight back to Amsterdam on that night. Sleeping, eating, sleeping..that was what I did for the next couple of days. Isn't it fair enough to do so, as I am a preggy who hasn't yet got over the first trimester? 😁


Monday, June 05, 2017

The Unexpected Babymoon Vacation - Part 1

* Finland Dreams *

I got pregnant with my second baby when I was in Holland (Netherlands). V got a project there and that's how we ended up in such a beautiful place. We had plans to explore maximum places in Europe as we had a Schengen Visa (who doesn't have such plans!).

It was on September 14th, 2016 that we (N and I) reached Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. Very soon we visited Belgium, France and Germany. After the three visits we were planning for the next trip, and that's when my sister told us that they are planning a Finland trip and asked us to join them if possible. They are settled in Dubai and they are travel freaks. Finland was never in our thoughts as its one of the coldest countries and it's far away from Holland. But as soon as they said about their plan, we also got interested. We booked the tickets, accommodation..everything was quick. But even then I was unaware of the fact that I am pregnant!!!

We had just one month for our Finland trip, and that's when I realised that I am actually pregnant! Thoughts popped out in my mind. I had doubts if I could travel that long. Very soon I visited the midwife, had the initial check up, scanning and the first thing I told them was about our travel plans. She said I should definitely go and enjoy the time. I was super happy. I am sure if I were in India the doctors wouldn't have allowed me to travel that long in the first trimester.

We were slightly worried about the temperature in Finland especially because it's winter time and the temperature there fell upto -25 degrees in the previous week of our travel. But luckily the temperature didn't fell beyond -10 degrees, during the time we were there.

A friend of ours sent us this picture in WhatsApp after we planned the Finland trip for December 😂

I was feeling nauseous and tired for the past two weeks, but I was sure that I will be perfectly alright after seeing the snow covered beautiful land. I was and am so much in love with SNOW 😁

Okay, so we were finally all set to travel and to meet my sister and family. All of us were equally excited. As I would be about 8 weeks pregnant by the time we travel, I preferred to call this trip a 'babymoon' 😊, though I was sure I was not gonna get enough sleep or relaxation. The only thing I was sure about was that the trip will make my soul and body happy and that's all I wanted. 

Direct flights to Finland was very expensive at that time (because it was peak season), and so we took the flight to Denmark first and then to Finland from there. We travelled on 15th of December, met my sister and family on 16th and headed over to Helsinki the same day. I was seriously unhappy seeing NO SNOW anywhere in the town! All I could see was some icicles hanging in very few places. I was disappointed. We did visit few places there. The day passed somehow and the only thing I was happy about was the laughs and the happiness of the three kiddos (my lil N and my sister's 2 kids). That really made my day.   


The next day we travelled towards Saariselka. The moment we got down at the Ivalo airport, the nearby airport, I was overwhelmed with joy. All I could see was the snow filled land. I then knew I was gonna enjoy the trip from that very moment. That was the most beautiful destination I have ever been to.

Our stay was arranged at Holiday Club, Saariselka. Their resort was indeed a heavenly spot, which provided us with all the facilities and amenities including a Sauna! There was a well furnished kitchen too and as usual my sister took over the cooking part, the first evening. I couldn't take my eyes off the snowy region! I even got out of the cottage bare foot 😎, just for few seconds 😉.

We were there in Saariselka for 3 days and those were the best holidays we ever had. We visited many places there, experienced many new things. One of it was snowmobiling. Don't get confused, myself, lil N and my sister's youngest kid didn't get into the snowmobile. Instead the three of us got into a sledge which was attached to a snowmobile, and that was rode by our guide, Mr. Marks. That was indeed an experience, sledging through the snowy mountains, and having that special hot berry juice served by them in between. If I am not wrong, we were back in our cottage after 12 midnight!

Next on the list was Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Though we explored the city a little much, our main agenda was to visit the REAL SANTA CLAUS 😊. Santa said a 'Namaste' when he gt to know that we are from India. Such a nice Santa he was!

I wasn't feeling tired at all, throughout the journey. We even had hours of walk, I felt like I am a super woman 😂. 

My sister and her family went back to Helsinki the next day to explore the city for a couple more days and we flew to our next destination, Denmark. Stay tuned to know about our 'Denmark Diaries'.


The Unexpected Babymoon Vacation - Part 2

* Denmark Diaries * And we landed Denmark, Copenhagen to be precise, on December 21st, 2016, by evening. By the time we reached our hot...