Monday, April 10, 2017

Baby N's Birth Story

Until I met my baby girl, I didn't know I could love someone so very much! Ah, I know it's an old 'dialogue'!😁 But, yeah, that's so damn true!!! Within a few months after getting married, I found out that I am pregnant. As the news was unexpected, I was confused in the beginning, but very soon I started loving every bit of my pregnancy and the tiny human growing inside my womb, more and more. As I was in India, I was not aware of my baby's gender until her birth. Now my girl is 2 and half years old. Here comes her birth story.

I was admitted to the hospital on 15th September 2014, 2 days before my delivery as I had some infection. My gyno had decided to induce me on 17th, after removing the infection. So I was kinda waiting for the time and was getting prepared physically and mentally. I was all set with the hospital bag and was ready to welcome my baby.

16th September 2014

7.00 PM: I was told that I will be moved to the labour room that night. I had a bath and then had dinner in my room with my husbandman. He was the one who accompanied me that night too.

9.00 PM: V and I had a short prayer and kissed each other before the nurses came to take me. And I was then moved to the labour room. (Yes, there are separate rooms for labouring, delivery and recovery in my hospital). There were almost 8-10 beds in the labour room, and there was already 2 pregnant ladies other than me in there. The nurses asked me to lie on a bed and then they attached the electronic fetal monitoring device on my belly, to check my baby's heartbeat. My baby was very active (she always used to be, when she was inside my womb) and the nurse had to refix the device twice or thrice! I don't remember when I fell asleep!

17th September 2014

3.00 AM: The nurse woke me up and told me that a junior doctor will be visiting me soon. Very soon, the nurse gave me the enema and after brushing and toilet time, I got ready for the doctor's visit. It was a lady doctor and she did PV and moved to the other pregnant ladies in the room, without saying anything. The nurse came to me and told me that the gyno will come in the morning and will decide when to induce pain.

4.00 AM: My water bag broke! I had a cough from few days and I guess the water broke as a result of it! I informed the nurse and she informed my gyno. And then, very soon, I was induced.

6.00 AM: My gyno came and asked me if everything is OK. I was having pain and was bearable.

10.00 AM: The contractions were getting stronger. I was having terrible thoughts! I am that kind of a person who cannot stand much (physical) pain. I was not sure if I will be able to withstand the pain!

11.00 AM: My thoughts were right. I was not able to control my pain. I could see another pregnant lady, who was next to my bed, crying aloud and then after few minutes she was taken to the delivery room and then after few minutes, I could hear her baby cry. I had a smile on my face, soon it went, and my pain began to raise!

12.00 PM: I knew I wouldn't able to control the pain and I told the nurses, the junior doctors and my gyno that I need a C-Section. Initially, they tried to console me and told me everything is going to be fine soon. But nothing could change my mind! I was determined. My amma (mother) came to me twice and told almost the same what my doctors and the nurses said. I was totally out of control! I was crying and crying and was even getting angry with her!!!😞

1.00 PM: I knew the time was running and I was still on the bed in the labour room waiting and waiting for the TIME!!! I had pain at regular intervals but dilation was not happening.

2.45PM: Finally my gyno and my family agreed upon having a C-Section. The nurse shaved and got me ready for the delivery. They shifted me to the operation theatre. On the way, I saw my husband, my mother, my father, my mother in law, my brother in law and a relative of mine and I had a smile on my face at that time. (Remember, I was crying till then, but getting ready for a C-Section actually made me smile!).

3.12 PM: My little girl was born at 3.12 in the afternoon, weighing just 2.45 kg. They showed me her from a distance (I wished if they could bring her to me close!!). They took her away to another room to clean her and on the way, they showed her to my family too.

I do not know the time, but I was then moved to the Post-Operative Room soon after the C-Section. I was so tired that I soon fell asleep. To be frank, I was totally lost in my sleep that I completely forgot what happened few minutes/hours back. I felt someone calling me during my sleep. That was a nurse and she told me, my relatives will come near the window there to see me. I could see them very soon and they waved me through the window. Very soon I fell asleep again, because of my tiredness!

9.00 PM: I was told by a nurse that they will soon bring my baby to me. And then came my little angel, the treasure I was waiting to meet since she was born. Though I was totally unconscious during my sleep and didn't even think about my newborn child, I started to think only about her since I was conscious after the sleep. And then she was brought to me, wrapped up in a tiny cloth and the nurse kept her beside me. She was all red! I kissed her for the first time. It was magical. The nurse asked me to try to breastfeed her. I tried, but couldn't!! I was told that it's fine and after few minutes my angel was taken from me! Her face was still on my mind, clearly. It took me hours to sleep, again!

18th September 2014

4.00 AM: After sleeping for few hours, I woke up. I couldn't sleep again. I was feeling thirsty, very thirsty. I asked the nurse for some water, and they gave few drops!!! Can you believe, just a few drops!!! Can't blame anyone you know, that's how it's done after a major surgery!!!

8.30 AM: After having tea (It's something which I hate, but that time, I was so thirsty and hungry that I grabbed it and had it in no time!) and some snack (don't remember what it was!) the nurses asked me to walk to the toilet, pee and come back. It wasn't as easy as I thought! Really hard it was! I couldn't even walk properly. Anyway, it went by and I came back to my bed. They moved me to my room very soon where I was welcomed by my family. After few minutes, they brought my angel. Slowly and steadily I learnt to hold her and feed her properly.

This picture was taken after reaching home and was taken by one of my best friends.


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