Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Learning the art of Crochet - The beginning...!!

*Long Post Alert*

When I was a kid, I used to watch my grandfather's sister (then almost 70-75 yrs old) doing crochet, during her visits to my home, usually at the time of church feasts. I was a little girl back then and I used to get fascinated by seeing how these yarns get connected to a stick kinda thing and make amazing things. I still remember those crochet strawberry wall hangings and crochet candles that she used to make. That was magical, I used to think! And I never thought once I would learn and love crochet. Time, u know!!

So it was during my stay in UK that I first had a thought of learning this art. I got inspired from a friend, who has done crochet shoes and beanies for her nephew. And I thought, 'can't I try it out too?' That was the turning point. I decided to learn through YouTube. That's how it all started. I got ready with a crochet hook set very soon, which I bought via Amazon.

This was the first thing I learned, a crochet bracelet, the simplest one. It was hard for me initially, as I didn't have had any prior experience in crocheting! I didn't give up, and this was the result. I know there is nothing great in doing just a bracelet. But for me, it was something to be happy and excited about. I was gaining confidence.

And then I made these little things. I was super happy and more confident that I could do more and better.

And then I made a crown and a shoe with the same yarn.

I bought more yarn to do different things. I was so happy that finally i got a hold on what I was doing; damn happy😄

I made these two for my N, for last year's Easter. She was so happy to carry tiny Easter eggs in that small Easter basket and to wear the crown I made for her.

I then thought to make things for my relatives and friends. Made the tiny little shoes and the mermaid shaped baby cocoon for my niece.

This one was a gift for my mother-in-law.

Now these beauties were for 2 handsome little boys, my nephews.

And this Minnie Mouse outfit was made for my dear friend's little boy (on demand).

It was then time to make things for me, made the cute crochet ring, crochet headband and this gorgeous (if I may say so 😁) handbag for myself.

As I said already, I learnt crochet and made all the above shown crochet works when I was in the UK. I then went back to my home country (India), but couldn't continue crocheting as I was busy with all the travels, kids and functions there. We are currently in Netherlands and have restarted my works again and I will be posting a separate update of the same later☺.


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