Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day, 2017

I am that kind of a person who finds days and occasions to celebrate, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a valentine's day, I just celebrate. I also take the advantage to make crafts and DIYs.

You guys might have already seen my last year's valentine's day crafts in one of my previous posts. This time was not an exception. I made a handmade V-Day card, a "LOVE" garland, a heart decor and also decorated few candles; made biriyani too.

I decided to plan everything for the evening, as that's the only quality time we get to spend together, on weekdays! A V-Day card was the first to make. I made this days before the occasion. Decorating candles was next on hand. That too was done 2-3 days ahead.

On the V-Day morning, I just went through Pinterest and found 2 easy decorative ideas which need no much requirements. And that's how I made the garland and the wall decor.

Biriyani was the last thing to make, my favorite too 😁. I'm so obsessed with homemade biriyani these days!!

I wanted to bake few cupcakes too. But that didn't happen due to lack of time!

PS: I will be doing separate blog posts on how to make the DIY Card, candle decoration, DIY garland, heart shaped wall decor and the yummy homemade biriyani.

Stay tuned!

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