Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Creativity During Pregnancy

Yes, it's true that pregnancy changes us completely and its impact on my creative side was unbelievable!! It was during my first pregnancy that I started trying out many creative things like painting, paper quilling, and few other DIYs, that I have never done before!!

This was the first ever Canvas Painting I have done. I found the tutorial on YouTube and it was fun doing it. I know the painting is not great. Still, as a beginner, I was and am fully satisfied 😁

This was my second trial in Canvas Painting. YouTube was still my Guru!

Now, the third. Getting better..huh?

And this is the last one till date. I made this one for V for our First Wedding Anniversary☺, which was 8 days before my delivery.

Now it's time to introduce my Paper Quilling Experiments. Again, YouTube came to the rescue. It's always fun to learn new things alone☺

Paper Quilled Jhumkas

I did some Glass Painting too. As I had no prior experience, I decided not to do it on the glass and did it on Plastic Sheets.

No, not yet over. I then tried making tiaras. Oh yes, I have a great love for tiaras.

And last but not the least, I tried decorating my Mobile Cover too.

I didn't stop DIYing even after my delivery. More on it in the future posts 😁

Stay tuned.

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