Sunday, January 29, 2017

My First Pregnancy - A Flashback!

"UNPLANNED doesn't mean a mistake. It simply means Life knew what I needed before I did".

That's right. We had no plan of having a baby in the initial months of our married life. Actually, we didn't even think or talk about it. Hence the arrival of our little girl was both a shock and a surprise at the same time. It was just 3 and half months since my marriage, when I came to know that I am pregnant. I have to admit that I had a bit of shame in the beginning, within minutes it was gone and I started weaving dreams about my baby.

I was with V in Trivandrum until 5th month and moved to Changanachery (at V's home) after that. I didn't have much pregnancy symptoms (with God's grace) other than dizziness. It was just like my Amma's (mother's) when she was carrying me and my siblings. Life didn't change much for V and I. Our main hobby was to watch all the new movies in the theater, before and during pregnancy! I was literally having a wonderful "First Trimester", unlike most of the pregnant ladies ☺. I moved to Changanacherry in the 5th month and stayed with my Mother in Law. V was a weekend visitor then!

We have a traditional way of celebrating baby shower which is done in the 7th month of pregnancy. Only our close relatives were invited and my parents came with lots of sweets and a gold bangle. I was all decked up in my Manthrakodi Saree and some jewelry. It was a fun day for all of us.

I have to thank V, my Sister in Law, my Brother in Law and all our cousins in Changanacherry for making my day special. 

Though I had to stay away from V for few months, I was extremely happy to go to my home ☺ (Who doesn't 😉 )

It was a great feeling to come back home for a long period after getting married. I was all pampered with love and great food. I loved everything about being pregnant, every bit of it! And yes, I still continued going for movies in theaters, with my cousins 😄

It was during my third trimester that I started doing more creative stuff like Painting, Paper Quilling etc; that too with the help of YouTube tutorials. I am so proud that I am a self-taught DIYer (If at all I am one 😁). Hopefully, I will be doing a separate blog post on the same.

I was so happy that I crossed 50 kg for the very first time, during my pregnancy 😎, but couldn't reach 60 kg!!! 57 kg was the maximum!!

So the first, second and third trimesters flew just like that! And a sweet little angel came into our lives on 17th September 2014. We named her Norah Maria Vinu 💝. She was born in the same hospital where her mother was born 26 years ago ☺.

And I knew, our lives were changing dramatically, for the good ☺

Stay tuned for more blog posts.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Valentine's Day DIYs 2016

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so I thought I would share what I did for my dear Valentine last year. I made a Shaker Card, a Clothespin DIY, a Chalkboard Art, a DIY Candle Holder, a DIY Photo frame and finally baked a Chocolate Cake too.



All thanks to Pinterest and YouTube for the inspiration :)

Stay tuned for more.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rolled Paper Cross

I love everything handmade. This being my very first blog post, I decided to start with a Cross made out of rolled magazine papers. This would be an excellent showpiece for Christening or First Holy Communion Parties. Or just keep it at home, where ever you like. 

All you need for this project:

Magazine Paper Stack
Pencil/ Paper Tube
Craft Glue

1.Tear out the Magazine pages, cut the pages into sections. I cut the page in half, lengthwise. Try to get smooth edges while you cut.

2. Roll the paper cuts into spirals/ rolls, with the help of a pencil or a paper tube. (I actually used a chopstick). 

3. Grab one end of the paper roll, start coiling as tightly as you can and stick the end with a craft glue. If you want a larger coil, attach 2 or 3 rolled papers together by inserting one end of the roll to one end of another roll. Make a coil and then stick it up. 

4. Once we have the required number of coils, attach them just like the picture shows. And the Cross is ready.

If you want, you can color it. Or else you can keep it as it is, just like I did.

Stay tuned for more.


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